Anyone Use Crochet Chains to Embroider on Knitted Projects

:?? I saw this in a picture, but didn’t get a good explanation of how to do it. I read online about surface stitching with a crochet hook… but I wondered if anyone embroiders with crochet chains and if so what technique they use?

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I’ve never seen any articles on this, but I have a couple of projects in the book I’m writing on designing your own cotton knits that uses it to embellish the pieces! And here I thought I invented it!!! :roflhard:

Oh, well, nothing new under the sun I guess!!!

I can tell you that it’s easy and fast. Just put your crochet hook through the bottom of a stitch and pull up a loop. Put the needle back through the knitted cloth at the top of the first stitch and pull up a loop through the first chain stitch. If you’re working vertically just go on up the line. (It looks like a duplicate stitch, only easier to do!) When you get to the end of the row, snip the yarn and pull it through the top of the last stitch and tie off on the back.

I hope this makes sense. If you need more info, let me know and as soon as I have those patterns for the book written up I’ll send the technique sheet along to you.

Meanwhile, happy knitting!

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Any help you can provide me would be appreciated!!! :smiley:

I know what you mean although I haven’t done it. I think what it is is embroidery which creates a chained look. Is this kind of what you mean only it’s on knitting?

I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible and really cute! If that is what you mean here’s a You Tube video…

If you get Knit and Crochet Today on PBS they’ve done a show on this both years.

Here’s a video,

And a pattern that I think makes a crochet snowflake center and then uses surface stitches to attach it.

That’s it EXACTLY!!! Thanks!! I don’t get that show on our PBS station. :frowning:

The links I gave tell you how to do it as well if you need more info. :thumbsup: