Anyone use Araucania Nature Cotton? can't seem to find a perfect pattern for it

[SIZE=4][B][COLOR=Pink]Wel I’ve had a bag of this cotton sitting around for 3 months and summer’s going to be over before I get around to using it. It’s just about this color I’m typing with and I’m afraid it’ll look sickish if I don’t use the right pattern. [COLOR=DarkOrchid] ick, I don’t like that color…why did I buy it! Anyhow, I think I want either a chunky little shrug/sweater thingy, short, or maybe a loose beach-like simple pullover with wide neckline would be better. Not having knitted with cotton a lot except dishcloths, I just don’t know.
If anyone has knitted with this, pls let me know what you made!

I’m using it for a Clapotis and it looks lovely. It is quite heavy. so obviously a winter shawl.

I have never used it but could you try it out with a quick summer project like a sarong for a swimsuit~
BTW: did you get it at littleknits?? I have looked at this cotton several times on their homepage:think:

I made an anthropogie capelet with one of their multicolor cottons- love it!! it is heavy, but not overly warm.

Yes, Ainee… I did get it at Little Knits. Since that order I’ve decided I have to be more careful coz I sometimes end up with a color I really don’t like that much. The pink on their website was prettier than what I got.

I never thought about a shawl with cotton! Hmmmmmm

I’ll have to look at those patterns, thanks.

Right now I’m swatching to see if it would work for this Sonnet cardigan at Knitty.

I’ve been using this yarn a lot. I love the colors and the possible combinations.
What about a boat neck sweater with the square front and back and drop shoulders? I’m doing one for myself in colors 28 and 215 (Patagonia yarn - small stripes on the sleeves and front and back)

I’m having the same problem, I bought a bag of nature cotton in an apricot color from when they were having their sale. Now I’m not real sure I even like the color and don’t know what to do with it.

I just finished a cotton cardigan in Schaefer Sandra, my first cotton project, and I’m [B]not[/B] real excited about cotton.

I’m also interested in a hat pattern for a man. I bought some in colors that my hubby would like, and assumed that they’d have some patterns on their website. Either they don’t, or I can’t find them.
Thanks for any help!

Roxop, that sounds nice and I like those colors. I FINALLY found a pattern and started it. After I got about 4 inches in, I thought I hated it, like it’d look like I was wearing a dishtowel or something. I put it down for a few days, then said oh what the heck and knitted some more on it. Then I started liking it. I don’t know…we’ll see. I’ll take a pic later and post it.

Yeah, Ginny, cotton is like… more strenuous than a nice pliable wool or alpaca. I make sure I have a couple things going so I don’t have to just work on the cotton!

OH…what is the pattern I’m doing: ummmmm momento…

ahhah, it’s Sonnet at

But I think I’ll make the sleeves short, or elbow length. It’s a very chunky cotton and I think it’ll look good in this pattern oh yeah,
and it’s kind of a thrill to knit my first SIDEWAYS sweater! Fun, that’s for sure. If it turns out I’m going to do a lot more in wool coz I hate the seaming shaping thing (sort of)

Kerrild, I think you’d better post that request separately or no one will answer!