Anyone tried this yarn?

Anybody know what this yarn is like? If it’s anything like Homespun or Bernat Soft Boucle then I probably wouldn’t like working with it. Homespun splits and frizzes and the Bernat I have trouble seeing the stitches and if I have to rip out stitches, forget it. Not gonna happen. Is it close to Bernat Cotton Tots in the feel of it? I’m so drawn to the purple color yet I don’t know what I’d make with it. Any ideas what it would be good for? TIA

I don’t know about those other yarns, but I LOVE Crayon! I made a hat and hoodie for my nephew (unfortunately the hoodie was too small :frowning: ) with it and really enjoyed the process. At first, you think “Oh my gosh, I’ll [B]never[/B] be able to see if I made a mistake!” But after a few rows, you figure out how the yarn plays itself (I didn’t notice any splitting or frizzing, even after having to frog a section and reknit) and you can “read” it like regular yarn. I would recommend it for baby/toddler/child patterns. Or adults who like SUPER soft and fuzzy (not frizzy) garments :smiley: It has a very nice drape knit single, and knit double it’s more sturdy while still looking nice. I’m probably going to buy some of the pink and red to knit my niece a summer dress.

I was looking at those yesterday, I’ve used the bernat boucle for scarfs,neckwarmers and hats. That’s what I use them for.

I went ahead and ordered some. Maybe I’ll be inspired what to make when I see what it’s like. :knitting: It looks so cool and the price is amazing! TY for your help.

Just adding…I got one of KnitPick’s samplers this past summer, and it included the crayon. I really enjoyed working with it. (I ended up not liking the particular project, but the yarn was nice to work with).

It’s not at all like homespun, and not nearly as “fuzzy” and hard to find your stitches as the Bernat boucle. It feels really soft!

I’ve made a couple of short sleeve summer tops over the years using sport weight boucle yarns. They are very soft and comfy and drape nicely.

Ewwww! It looks lovely! And you certainly can’t beat the price!