Anyone tried the Halowig?

I’m thinking it would make a cool hat this winter if I used wool :??

Yup I made it. It was pretty easy but it gets tricky at the adding on stiches across the forehead part. But otherwise I enjoyed it. The k2p2 was relaxing and rythmic. I might make another one for my son. As you can see from the picture I enjoyed it a little too much and made it kinda long. Oh well. I can wear it for halloween anyway. If you have any questions I’m here to help.

Oooh yay! I am sure I will have a million questions (don’t I always)

Not yet, but I will be making a purple one for my daughter this winter. I think they’re adorable!!

I have one that’s nearly halfway done. I decided to go a little funky with it, and mixed pale yellow acrylic yarn with Champagne Fun Fur. So far it’s pretty fuzzy! It’s for my soon-to-be-10-year-old daughter. :smiley:


well DH had to go burst my bubble so I may not make it now :rollseyes:

Am I the only one who finds the Hallowig a bit disturbing? :lol:

Thems fightin’ words

MUAH! :heart:

no kelly you aren’t…i did threaten to may one for my best guy friend though…in the pink color…heeehee

I told my teenagers I was going to make them each one in school colors…they were horrified…told them they would be perfect for after swim practice… :shock: