Anyone tried selling on Etsy etc?


Not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I’m thinking of setting up a knitting shop on Etsy as I love knitting little animals etc and people tell me I could make good money from them. I’ve been suffering with a serious health condition for a couple of years and it’s now got so bad that I’ve had to leave university and will be leaving my part time job soon as I work for an agency and they won’t allow me more than 6 weeks off to have the major surgery I need. I know I’ll never make money to live on from knitting but a little extra to help would be nice, especially as I’ll be spending more time at home now!

Has anyone got any tips for selling knitted pieces? I feel like I’ll make all this stuff and no one will ever buy it, or the money I make will be so little that it’s not even worth it. What can I do to get my work recognised on places like Etsy? Is there any legal stuff I should know about? What about pricing etc? Sorry for all the questions, you can tell I’m very naiive but I guess I’ve got to start somewhere!

Thank you in advance, advice will be very appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi! I have been considering the same thing. I’ve been especially considering setting up at craft fairs, festivals, etc. but have also been concerned about legal stuff, etc. It would be such great gratification to share your love of knitting with others via the items you are passionate about making. Best of luck if you decide to sell your items!! :slight_smile:

You can try ebay. ebay is greater marketplace that etsy…
I sold more items at ebay than etsy…