Anyone tried Addi-turbo needles?

They have them at my LYS, and they are super expensive, but supposed to be super fast and nice. I’m starting my first sweater with nice yarn and want nice needles to accompany it. I found a seller on ebay selling the needles reeeeaaaaally cheap compared to the LYS, so I’m wondering if they’re worth bidding on? :shrug:

we have been discussing them recently. Check this threadout.

I would also do a search on this site (link at the top of the page here) for the word “wonderland.” you will find a lot of information about the person I assume you are looking at buying from. I have had wonderful luck with him, but not everybody has.

Thank you so much! :cheering:

What makes them “fast” or different from other needles?

they have a slick surface. i think thats the main trick about them, other than that they are shaped in such a way that they fit well in the hand. its easy to get a good grip on them.

im not one for fancy things, but i do love addis. now i prefer knitpicks options though. not just bc of the price, but the sharp point makes it easy to pick up even the most difficult of yarns, like kid silk haze. i cant imagine trying to knit that yarn with addis!

btw, my husband is a linux geek. i dont know if hes released anything for that OS, but he has released on the net. maybe just in scheme though? im not very techy.

I have several sets of Addi’s…and do like them alot better, than say Denise or Boye (although the quicksilvers are nice too, just heavier).

I have had excellent experience with Jeff Wonderland. Cannot speak highly enough of him.

However…I recently got the knitpicks options set, and if at all possible, I like them even better than the Addi’s. they are just a tad pointier (but not too much so) and the cables are thinner, yet flexible and wonderful. No, not an employee, but a very satisfied customer - who is about to order her smaller needles for socks on circs from KP.

I know everyone seems to love Jeff Wonderland, but buyer beware. Read his feedback. I just won a PayPal dispute with him for non-receipt of items. It took him 5 weeks of emails and then the dispute to even send a reply. Once a paypal dispute has been entered, you lose the ability to leave feedback. Just an FYI that in addition to the negative feedback, there may be others like me who never received their items and couldnt leave feedback, either.
By the way, I too, love my Options. I was just trying to get 16" Addis since Options arent available that small.

What I also like about the Addis that I haven’t found with any other needle out there is the smooth join of the cable to the needle. The bamboo circulars out there that I’ve used are typically very good too, although sometimes I don’t want to use bamboo based on the type of fiber I’m using. I think that the Addis are faster to knit with and are good quality. The only problem is that if the yarn seems a bit “slippery” on the Addi needles, you can drop stitches easier (well, at least this happens to me, maybe not everybody else :oops: )

Yikes! This is the first time I’m ordering from Jeff, so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been waiting patiently for my Addis to come, and I still haven’t received them! :shock: I figured I’d try to be more patient because there was the Christmas, New Year’s, and MLK holidays in there when we didn’t have postal service, but I’m getting antsy. I ordered them on December 21. I figured I’d give him a month, and if I still haven’t gotten them, then I was going to start inquiring hard. Thanks for the heads up, jmp!

I :heart: my Addis!
super smooth needles and the smoothest joins out of all I’ve tried.

(haven’t tried KP Options tho).

I recently switched all my circulars to Addis and I can’t say enough about them. On the other hand I have a girlfriend who knits and she can’t knit with them to save her life. She says they are too slippery.

I love my addis. But the options are just as good for less money.