Anyone that can knit this turtleneck

Hi my name is Johnny, I would like your help. I have been trying to find in Australia turtle neck jumper exactly as I want, so I though about asking for help for experts in the field, that is why I thought of this website. I would like to ask if you will be able to find the pattern or find someone that could knit a jumper exactly like the image attached but in blue or red.
I hope you can help me.
Have a lovely day.

Hi Johnny and Welcome!
I’m having trouble with the image and link. See if these instructions help with posting photos:

It is fixed now, have a look, thank you

It’s nice, I like its simplicity.

I do too, and cashmere, mmm-mm.
Here’s a vintage pattern that’s top down. If you want a straighter shape, you can adjust the decreases for the body of the sweater.