Anyone taken Byetta?

I just started this yesterday. I’m not Type 2, but I am insulin resistant.

My first shot…well, I didn’t think I had done it right so I think I double dosed! Needless to say, I felt pretty bad, ate something and went to sleep. This morning was a little better, at least I only did it once! This evening, I still feel a little light-headed and very absent-minded.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences…


Is Byetta an insulin? or pill? My daughter is type 1 diabetic since age 3, not even close to what you have or type 2 for that matter.

My father has been taking Byetta for almost a year now. When he first started it was a little rocky trying to get used to it. But he managed to determine the right dosage with his doctor, and the right amount of time to allow before he eats. It has greatly helped control his weight and his diabetes. The more weight he loses, the better controlled his diabetes is. I think it has done wonders for him and I am very greatful he stuck it out in the begining. It can be scary to give yourself a shot, but he did it for us and for his health, and it was completely worth it.
Good luck!