Anyone Seen the Blue Jean Shawl Pattern?

[COLOR="#153E7E"]:waving: Hello.

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. Other things have kept me busy but now I have an explosion of projects keeping me on hooks and needles. :wink:

One is a project for prayer shawl ministry: the blue jean shawl by Knottie. She also has this pattern on Ravelry here

Sometime I plan on taking a picture of my project and posting it in this thread.[/COLOR]

welcome back Jack!

I think the link to the ravelry post is bad. I found it here:

It is just lovely! That’s a shawl pattern I might like to actually make! Thanks for sharing it.

Can’t wait to see all your other projects too!


Welcome back! And thanks for the links.

If you’ve got a ton of projects to do, me thinks you won’t be on the forum much [I]now[/I] either! :wink:

You may have been right. :wink: