Anyone seen Benjiman Button?

In the movie, BP wore a cardigan and I am looking for a pattern that may be similar to it. Here is a link to a photo, bt I can only find a view of the back of the sweater…
If anyone has any ideas, I wold appreciate it. Not that I am ready to make a sweater yet, but it is always good to be prepared. TIA

ETA… I fond a front view…

I just saw this and I can’t remember the front at the moment, but maybe is a little similar?

Good luck!

You might try the universal pattern generator for raglan sleeved garments. It’s usually “top-down, in-the-round,” but you can easily NOT join to make it in the round and make it a “vee” necked cardigan instead. The stitch is just a wide rib (K2P2?) until the waist and wrists. Add buttonbands, which, from your pic, appear to be just add-on’s anyway, and then for the collar. I’d just pick up stitches around the “Vee”, stockenette stitch, because the collar seems smoother than the rib to me, (or is that a scarf covering up the collar in the first pic?) and make it wide and deep by decreasing one stitch at each end every row until I had it as wide and deep as seemed right to me. :shrug: Who knows? You might be able to do all this without a pattern.

where would I locate the pattern generator?