Anyone seen a pattern for Felted Flat Cap?

Hubby wants me to knit him a Flat Cap , it’s also called an English Driving Cap. But he wants it felted. He has a very large head , 24 1/2 inches where brim would rest. So I’d need to knit it large enough and then be able to felt it to fit him. I’ve spent hours looking online and the only thing that came close was a child’s Newsboy Cap that is felted, only it’s to small. Has anyone seen a pattern for what I am looking for?:hair:

Found a bunch on Rav, but none were felted. :shrug:

You may have to wing it. That is, figure out your [B]felted gauge[/B] and then follow an unfelted pattern, enlarging it (per your measurements) as you go.

I’ve started doing this for a pair of felted moccasins for my husband. The key seems to be getting good measurements of your gauge swatch before AND after you felt it (also keep track of how many times you wash it and for how long each time, so you can duplicate this on the final product).

A hat isn’t that big of a project, so perhaps if it doesn’t come out right the first time, you could give it to someone with a smaller head.