Anyone See This Pattern?

Click here: Lux Circle Sweater Vest -

Could not figure How to paste the picture here…
Can U see the sweater?? :rollseyes:

I can see the sweater, looks cute!

Oh Good… Glad u can C the picture!
It says it has a shawl collar… My Daughter sent me the photo probably in the hopes that I would make one for her :XX:

All I have to do is find a pattern… It looks as tho there are no real sleeves… Just a sort of cap… Don’t ya think???

If I find a sweater pattern like that I could just leave off the sleeves, right?

There is one that looks so similar to that on the cover of Knit 1. The only difference is that the one in Knit 1 has long sleeves.

good luck!

Yes… You are right… I do have Knit 1 and I made the ruffled top for my Daughter thats in there…
Only thing is I think the cover one is in Homespun and she would probably like one in a lighter DK weight…


The urban outfitters one is so cute! Let us know if you figure it out. I’ll have to see if I can find a Knit1 too…