Anyone See The Knitty-Gritty Show On Knitting Tube On 2 Needles?

Hello Knitters!
I was wondering if anyone saw the episode on Knitty Gritty (or knows how to) knit a tube but only using two needles. It goes something like this:

Divide the stitches for the round on just two needles (1/2 the stitches on one needle, 1/2 on the other). Then using the third needle, you are going to “pick up” or slip a stitch from the front needle, then a stitch from the back needle, and so on, until all the stitches are on one needle. Even though they are on one, needle, the stitches are still in a round, and you can keep them there by moving the yarn a certain way…hmmm which way, front to purl, back to knit? or how does that work…
Thanks friends!

You would k1, sl 1 (w/ yarn in back), across the row, ending with k1. Then do the same on the next row. I think there’s a video here on double knitting, though it may start out a little differently.

its just knitting in the round
but instead of using 3 or 4 needles to
make a triangle or square, use 2 like =
and as you finish one needle, you use the now empty needle to work off the next open stitch and all the stitches on that needle
makes a LONG tube, and you can increase and decrease as much as you want to change shapes
it works well
like knitting 2 socks on one magic loop

YES! I caught it last time it was on. I had been wanting to try that for YEARS (really!) because I had such a hard time with dps, but can’t watch videos on my slooooooooww dial-up connection. When she demonstrated, the light went on and I have a couple pair of mittens done already.

Oo, can you teach me, Becky? Or can we get the episode?

Look over on the KG site…you can watch if you have broadband:

Or, if you like, grab a couple of needles and a bit of yarn you like–you’ll need less than half an ounce. Cast on enough stitches to go around your cell phone, even number preferred. (The cast on will be the bottom of the pouch. It should be connected.) Now: knit the first stitch; slip the second stitch WITH THE YARN IN FRONT OF IT (that’s the crucial part!), knit the next stitch, slip the next wyif, and so on until you’re out of stitches. Now turn the work as you normally would. Your first stitch should be one of those you slipped. Knit it, slip the next wyif of it, and so on right across. Do a few rows like this and poke at it. You should feel the hoollow tube you’re making. When the cell phone sock is big enough for yours, bind off one needleful of stitches, cut a long tail, run it through the other half of the stitches and tie it firmly, then run a lightweight carabiner or a split key ring through the stitch loops (easier than binding off and sewing it, isn’t it?)

If you didn’t get the idea from my description, find a video. It takes way longer to say than to show and there really is nothing to it. Mittens look way too big when you’re working them, because you have all the stitches together, but they’re fine when you start to cast off.

Thanks so much, Becky for the info. I will give it a try. I understand about explaining it vs. seeing it. It can be a big difference.
Thank you!