Anyone remember my struggle with socks?

Does anyone remember what a struggle I had with making my first pair of socks? Then I was so happy when I finally finished them? Well with the beautiful weather it didn’t really put me in the knitting mood.

The other night it got a little chilly and I put the socks on. I then threw them in the laundry and without thinking I put them in the dryer. Now they are so tiny LOL oh lordy, guess I’ll have to make another pair haha do NOT put wool in the dryer. Duh!

Oh no, that’s a bummer. :doh:

What kind of yarn did you use? I’ve used superwash wool and washed and dried them fine…at least the one I used. I put them in a laundry bag so they didn’t get caught on anything.

I’m pretty sure it was alpaca. When i did ten I went to the store and the lady helped me pick out the yarn for the pattern I had. There were only two options from what I remember

Oh, dear!

If you’re going to use animal fiber for socks, superwash is the only kind to use. We live in a really wet area and anything wool felts when you wear it, which is okay for big thick boot socks but not so when you knit something lacy or cabled. There’s a lot of fun sock yarn around that won’t shrink up.

I just got back from the store and bought different yarn, the woman helped me and told me I could wash the kind of yarn she gave me. Thanks god! I will attempt socks again with the same pattern.

I do,and you were rightfully proud of your first pair :yay:, and OH NO about the dryer! :cry:

I’m so glad to hear you got some superwash wool for your next pair to knit. And this time around I’ll wager the knitting goes much easier.

Have fun knitting up your new socks!

:doh: Oh no! We’ve all done it on something/s. Sorry it was on your first, proud pair of socks!

I’ve only ever attempted socks once in my life and that was when I was 11…a looong time ago lol.
My primary school teacher had the patience of a saint but even I managed to stretch her patience!
In the end she made my socks for me - at parents & teachers evening my mother said my name and a voice from across the classroom said “Oh THAT SOCK!” I was totally mortified lol.
I have some lovely patterns for socks but just haven’t been able to make them. Now I’m a grandma I’ve made a lot of toys, cardi’s jumpers, hats you name it I’ve probably made it but socks? nope.
Maybe I should add “socks” to my Bucket List lol

Wow, that’s a heartbreaker. I have some Noro sock yarn that I have not knit up yet for that very reason. You have to hand wash it. At least you get to knit more.

I looked back at the yarn I used, I don’t know where I got the idea that they were alpaca??? They aren’t! Anyway I have picked up some new yarn at the advice of the lady at the store. They can be washed and dried without shrinking. Now to get the nerve to try socks again. I am scared to try any other pattern then the ones I first did.