Anyone remember me?

I have not abandoned you:hiding:
but in the summers I work at a residential Summer Camp, so I have no Internet except on my one and a half days off a week :zombie:
I am bairly even getting any knitting done this year:cry:
but I will be back in the fall


I’m like you when it comes to Quilting. I prefer to quilt in the Fall. I barely have touched any fabric in my sewing room this Summer. But I have been knitting.:happydance:

Enjoy your Summer.:yay:




Course we remember you - you’re the red-haired gal with the broad smile and a good sense of humour.

Sounds as though you’re having a really busy summer - look forward to your posts around September?

Take care and see ya then:thumbsup:

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Best Wishes[/COLOR]

:waving:I remember you! Don’t worry, you’ll get back to your knitting before too long!

I remember you :waving: :waving:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

i was just thinking about you the other day - remembering your congratulatory post when i unravelled the knot from hell in my yarn - glad to know you’re still around, and looking forward to more posts from you!

:waving::hug:I remember you! :hug::waving:

Me too! :waving: