Anyone recognize this stitch?

Years ago, when I first learned yarn crafts I knew what this was; as the maker of the blanket was also my teacher. 20 years later it’s driving me crazy that I cannot find this anywhere. no stitch I’ve tried has every come close. I even tried endless crochet (even though regular crochet never lines up this perfectly on the vertical). If anyone knows or has an idea what this stitch is/may be, you would have my gratitude and put an end to 8 months of looking through stitch books and Google images!

Are you sure it’s knitting and not crochet?? I think it’s crochet but when I try to turn my phone to look sideways at the pic the picture turns too.

Anyway that would be my guess, some type of single crochet stitch.


Looks like crochet to me too. :shrug:

hi allynellis, wondering if it may be an afghan or tunisian stitch pattern?
i looked at a few different patterns, but couldn’t quite find it.
perhaps if you look, then again you may know it is was an afghan hook used.
another idea would be to ask in a yarn store, as the people there do know a lot,
maybe they could post a photo on a bulletin board if they don’t recognize it.

certainly is a mystery, good luck.

It appears to be the single crochet st (American term) at a tight tension. BTW, I think the picture is on edge. If you could post another picture with better lighting it might be easier to see the stitch definition and which way the row is running.