Anyone recognize this stitch?

[color=indigo]Does anyone recognize this stitch? In Argentina & Uruguay, it’s called “chica linda” (“pretty girl” in Engish). :??:

Row 1 & 3 p3, k2, ending with p3
Row 2 & all WS rows k3, p2
Row 5 p3, yo, sl1,k1, psso
Repeat * *

Landolphe [/color]

Looks like some type of cable? :shrug:

it looks like a modified cable/rib. i knitted a sweater with that or a very similar stitch this summer, and it looks more complicated than it is, once you’ve done a few rows. it turned out nicely.

where did you find it and what did you have in mind to make with it? it’s an airy stitch, i wouldn’t do anything winter weight in it.

[color=indigo]I have used the stitch before in sweater vests. I learned it in Argentina in the 1980s, where it is known as “chica linda” (“pretty girl” in English). I couldn’t find it in stitch pattern sources I have; I was interested to see some other patterns that use it.

As I recall, it was not too lacey, ie, it worked OK for alpaca sweater vests.

There are several other stitches that I was shown in South America that I have never seen in US stitch directories. Maybe I’ll post some here for everyone to see.