Anyone recognize this stitch?

Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been knitting and crocheting simple things for a couple years. I came across these knit items and I’m just floored at how cool they look. But I can’t find anything on how to do them. They all say they’re knit. I want to make my mom a wall tapestry inspired by this style for her music room. Has anyone done this style? Thanks in advance! image

image image

Hi and welcome!

It looks like regular ol’ stockinette/stocking stitch to me–just at a very loose gauge for the thickness of the yarn…

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I agree - I have a pattern similar to this but for evening gloves (I’m not sure how they’d do the foot portion if that’s included?) and it basically calls for using a larger needles and thinner yarn combo.

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Thank you! Sorry for the late reply

What size needles would you recommend?

It depends on the yarn you’re using, how big you want the mesh etc, but I found this pattern that uses fingering yarn and 5mm needles, which might be a good starting point?

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