Anyone read Vogue Knitting Winter 06/07

Hi there,

I’ve just bought the latest Vogue Knitting and have fallen in love with the fisherman’s cable sweater on page 71 in the Northern Lights section. I guess that I don’t really understand this magazine, because I thought the patterns would be in there. It doesn’t seem to list where to buy the pattern either.

I’m so confused. :shrug:

Could someone please tell me how to find the pattern?


Check towards the back of the magazine. Or next to the picture it may give you another page number to reference.


Thanks! derr… I was looking at the page number and not the number beside the sweater and found the pattern in the back. Thanks - sorry for my being such a nitwit. :muah:

I love that sweater! Are you planning to make it?
I just ordered yarn for the cap-sleeve cardigan on p. 100. :heart:

that cardigan is gorgeous. I’m knitting some other colorwork right now, so I don’t have the mental bandwidth for something like that. I want to see pics of yours, though! Also, I read your blog and I think I’d like to come to dinner at your house. yuuuuuummmmmm.

Back OT, do you think it’s strange that this cardigan has the same pattern on the back as the front? I worry that it will look a little strange, but I don’t know…