Anyone read 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'?

i finished this book a little while ago and it really got me wanting to get my knitting needles out again after gathering dust in the loft for many years. It’s a lovley book and some of the desciptions of the wool are just beautiful. It just brought it home to me what a joy knitting is - i’m so glad I read the book. Now after seeing me knit my 4 year old daughter wants me to teach her!!

Anyone else read it and what did you think?? Must admit I did cry at the sad bits but overall it was great.

not yet but it’s been on my wishlist since it came out…I’m glad to hear a positive review :slight_smile: welcome back to the knitting obsession!

I read it and enjoyed it! I’ve been knitting nearly every day for almost 2 yrs though. :teehee:

Read it. Wasn’t too bad. I prefered “The Knitting Circle.”

I was knitting before I read the books, but I can see how it may give you the bug to start up again.

So, get out those needles, grab some yarn and join us!


I am reading it right now… If I don’t finsih it I won’t care. It is really hard for me to get into this book… I keep waiting for something to happen and it isn’t… I am on page 220 out of 340…

This was my first ever audio book. i was listening to it on my way too and from work every day and at lunch. i enjoyed listening to it. not great literature to be sure but still enjoyable.