Anyone participating in WorldWide Knit In Public Day?

Is anyone participating in worldwide knit in public day?

I am planning on going to my local one tomorrow- Saturday (June 10th)


WOW, what a great thing. wish they were in france (and i spoke the language well enough) o go and do this. as i knit 1/2 the day everyday any way (i sit ion the car whilst my son is at school).

have a great day


you sit and knit in the car while your son is in school! wow!

i will be knitting in public but i can’t go to the organized event. there is one at one of our border’s locations apparently but i have county convention tomorrow where i will knit when not voting on stuff and then an anniversary dinner where i will knit too! :thumbsup:

:XX: I’ll be knitting in public - while my car is being repaired - but there’s no organized event near enough to go to. :frowning:

I will be knitting while I golf tomorrow! :slight_smile:

We don’t have an organized KIP event, either…but, I’m getting my hair cut in the morning and will certainly be knitting @ the mall…and anywhere else I might go :thumbsup:

I’ll be knitting at work tomorrow, does that count?

Oh yeah, and DH has a hockey game in the afternoon too… it’s the championship game though, I might get in some trouble for knitting while that’s going on!

I KIP nearly every day. This year’s special event will be spent at DD’s dance recital. Just like last year.

I knit in public all the time too. I knit up in the choir loft every Sunday when I finish playing the organ! I also knit at stoplights and restaurants and appointments and anywhere else.

I plan on going to my cousin’s yarn store tomorrow, so maybe that will count?

Yep! My local knitting group organized it, we’re all going down by the beach at 7pm tonight to KIP!! I can’t wait!

I’d like to, but I’m graduating that day. :lol:

Well OK, I suppose you get a free pass then…

Oh yeah,

:cheering: :cheering: :balloons: :balloons: :cheering: :cheering:


I knitted in town today!
Could not se anybody else… knitting.

I had no idea this was Knit in Public Day, but I did it twice today! :thumbsup: My dh and I met an old friend for breakfast this morning. I knew Denny’s would be incredibly slow on a Saturday morning (always are), so I took along a little preemie blanket I’m knitting.

Then later in the day, my stepdd and her two sons stopped by and invited us to go to Burger King with them. We weren’t hungry, but went along for the visit, and I knew we’d be there awhile while the kids played in the playground, so again, I knitted. :smiley:

Our LYS organized an event at a down town park. I went for about an hour and met some new people. People were knitting and crocheting some fun things. The paper came and took picutes, I hope I’m not in a photo, I wasn’t looking my best. It should be in the paper tomorrow and I can post a link.

:smiley: I knit in the mall today when I was waiting to get my hair cut…then in the salon…nothing new with my KIP, though…although, I’ve not knit in the mall before today :wink:

I did my KIP at a restaurant, while waiting for our breakfast order this morning. I brought my new Bagsmith Project Bag, and worked on my teal shawl. At one point during my knitting, I lifted up my project and held out the circular needles to see how big the shawl was. I noticed that several people took a look then! :smiley:

I also worked on it at the discount bookstore. There is a small sitting area at the front of the store, and I usually sit there and knit while my hubby looks for books.

Here is the news story on this event from my local paper.