Anyone out there buy knitting kits? I'm curious >>>

to know if there are some places online that have nice kits.


Boo, I recently ordered that alligator scarf kit from Morehouse Farm.
It hasn’t arrived yet, so I don’t know what to expect.

I have purchased crochet kits, though. The last one I “finished” was an afghan kit, but I didn’t make it as big as the pattern said to make it. I was tired of looking at it!

Oh, I saw that. There is also a Panda Scarf Kit and some other things to knit up.

Given where you and I live, I suppose it was inevitable that you caved and bought the alligator kit! :mrgreen:

I personally haven’t, but sure enjoyed the Yarn Harlot’s adventures with the Chablis sock kit she bought.

As a rule I have a “thing” for kits of all kinds. You know those kits in the drugstore with body wash and a loofah and all that? I’m a sucker for those. Knitting kits are lovely too, but I’ve never used one. They make a lot of sense for things like the Tulip Baby sweater as you use a little bit of a lot of colours. I’ll try one eventually, I’m sure!

I bought a kit to knit a beautiful baby sweater. The yarn was wonderful and I’m so glad I did. My area had noting like it here.