Anyone near Wooster, OH? Store going out of business

…and from what I hear everything is on tremendous sale. I haven’t scoped it out just yet (planning to tomorrow), but my cousin’s wife said that Sew Crazy on Liberty St. is going out of business but she’s not sure of the closing date. I’ll let anyone interested know once I find out.

'Been there. Everything is AT LEAST 50% off. Barb, one of the employees, says it will close at the end of January. There is still alot left in the store. (I was just there on Friday.)

Hey - are you interested in joining my new knitting group? It is at the Wayne Public Library in Wooster? If so, check out and search for Stitch Divas!

Sounds very cool & I will check it out. I dunno how often I’ll get there as I’m in Massillon and it takes a good 40 minutes to get to Wooster. That and the only evening I’m free is Monday’s. It’s the only day the restaurant my DH & I own is closed so he’d be home to be with our 3 kidlets. But I’ll definitely stop by every now and again when I can. :slight_smile:

eta: OOOOO! I just checked out the group and saw the next one is a week from tonight. Yippie! I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Cool Beans! See you then. Our group is only going to meet the second Monday of every month. We’re still gathering members and Monday will be the first official meeting.