Anyone near Escondido, CA?

I know there are groups that meet in the San Diego area, but I was wondering if there was anyone that is closer to Escondido. And how many of the San Diego groups are male-friendly?

I live in Ramona and am also interested in finding a group that is closer than SD!

It might be possible that a group would have to be created if one does not already exsist.

Well count me in!

Where were these groups when I lived in San Diego? Figures that as soon as I move to Canada, they surface :stuck_out_tongue:

Canada! Well you must be missing us now, what with the cold.

I used to be in Vista just over a year ago. Currently in New Jersey. I used to go to my old knitting group that met in Starbucks in Shadowridge by the high school. It was just a bunch of us that met in Vista Adult Ed.

Otherwise, I don’t think I heard of any, good luck finding one! If not, start your own!

While not Escondido, this grouphas meetings in Mira Mesa and Solana Beach, and Oceanside.

I believe Yarning for You in San Marcos has a knitting night.

This group meets in Vista and is primarily crochet but may welcome knitters.