Anyone make these baby UGGS?

They have discontinued Plush, so you may find a deal on it at your lys or from WEBS. I can get two pairs of Uggs from one ball of Suede. However, I can get several bottoms of the bootie from the darker color Suede. Did that last part make sense?

Big lots has Lion Suede for $1.50 each if there’s one near you and they have any left.

Thanks everyone! I am going to try it using a double strand of Wendy Darling for the fluff. I did find some Plush, but I think I actually like the Wendy Darling better!

Does anyone by any chance have a copy of the pattern for the matching knit hat? It used to be on the DIY Network website, but they just redid their website, and now there is just a video for the booties, the pattern for both the hat and booties is gone. Luckily I already printed the booties pattern, but I don’t have the hat one yet :frowning:

I did have that same problem, but I discovered after knitting one that I bought the Lion Brand Suede and not the Paton’s that the pattern calls for. The Lion Brand Suede is a much thicker yarn than the Patons and so mine came out bigger. I ended up knitting them again on a size three straight needle and then when it was completed, I sewed up that part by overlapping a little (about 2 inches) and then came out with something that would fit better. I will say, it won’t fit a newborn, but will me nice on a toddler over a pair of socks. I did see on Ravelry, a few others have this same problem if you look under projects for this pattern. I saw where one woman added a piece of yarn to the top as a drawstring sort of so they would stay on better.

What type of suede yarn did you use?

The pattern calls for Berroco Suede.

Oh. . .that’s right. Well the Berroco is a lot thinner than the Lion Brand.


Where can I find the knitting pattern for Ugg Booties? Online search sent me to DIY site with video but no specific pattern. If anyone can help me with this it would be great. Thanks,2025,DIY_14141_3148516,00.html

Here it is–