Anyone make these baby UGGS?

I have made one of these UGGS and either I have done them wrong or the pattern is not sized well. The foot looks alright but the top (from the ankle up) is VERY wide. I am wondering if anyone else has had this trouble???

Fair Isle Christmas stocking – husband
UGG bootie – baby due in Nov
Beanie – brother
Baby Afgan – baby due in Nov

2 pr socks – me! :woohoo:
Lacy Baby Dress – new baby
Stars and Stripes Sweater – son

I’ve make five pairs of baby uggs. I love this pattern! What size did you make? I made a few pairs using 4 and 5 needles and a few using 2 and 3 needles.

Hmm, well then it must be me! I used the 4 and 5’s. Is the ankle area really wide on yours? It looks very wide on mine, but I haven’t finished adding the “shearling” edging to it. I followed the pattern pretty closely and made no changes. Did you decrease extra for the ankle? I love the pattern, maybe I make the other and see…this may be a 3 bootie pair!

No, I followed the pattern exactly. Are you usually a loose knitter?
Did you check your gauge?
Some ladies at my lys made these and they also complained that the tops were too wide. That’s why they went down needle sizes and used 2 and 3’s.

I will have to try that. I am not normally a loose knitter but not a tight knitter either. O fall somewhere in the middle. Maybe I will make another and give them to a chubby baby. Tjanks for all the help!

I am a tight knitter and I had to go down in needle size to get gauge or they fit toddlers. Once i went down needle size they were perfect.

I never thought of trying them on my 18 mo old. Maybe that would give me a good idea of how off I am. Thanks!

Another thought…are you using the same yarn as the pattern? I tried with a different yarn which was a different weight and it was huge.

I also tried to make this with a different yarn, I believe it was baby yarn, and they weren’t huge but i didn’t like the way they came out, so I frog the whole thing. I was also trying to figure out how to knit the sherling part in rather than place it afterward, didn’t like how that worked out either.

Well I finished the other bootie and I have decided to give it one more go-round. This time I will use size 2 & 3 needles. When I sized them up with some of my son’s old shoes I found out they were almost a perfect infant’s size 4. Too bad I want them for a newborn!

Be careful going down in needle size. One is usually okay though unless you are a loose knitter then another one is fine, too. You don’t want the fabric to be stiff.

What yarn are you using?

I am using Suede by Berroco. It’s what the pattern called for and I think they look really cute, just really big!

I just looked them up on Ravelry and you are there are many people who say they came out too big. Or at least too big for a newborn I guess so it must be the pattern. The baby can grow into them though so they are better big than too small.

If it’s the specific style you’re going for and doesn’t need to be knit, then Robeez makes a pretty close alternative. My 8 month old has a pair for the winter and my 5 year old had them when he was a baby too.

it made a cute gift since their nursery had frogs . :heart:

I don’t think its just you. I had the same problem too, and looking at the projects on Ravelry, a LOT of people found them big.

It was only a few days ago that I finished mine, using 4 and 5 needles, and posted them on Ravelry. This was part of the comment I wrote there:

[COLOR=“Blue”]"I knitted the smallest size, but these are quite large. I finished one boot and decided the leg part was just too big, so frogged back to where the instep shaping ended, and re-knitted using a size smaller needle. Looks better, but definitely not 0-6 months size; more like 6+ -12 months.

Next time I will use smaller needles from the start."[/COLOR]

So I used 4’s for the sole, had changed to 5’s as in the pattern for the instep, but when the leg came out so wide I frogged back to the instep and redid the leg using 4’s. Next time I’ll do the sole in 3’s then when I change to the main colour for the rest of the boot I’ll use 4’s.

Oh, forgot to say, I used Berroco Suede and my tension is always neither tight nor loose.

Has anyone found a yarn to make the “shearling” fluf as fluffy as in the picture. Mine has a lot to be desired. Going down a needle size worked perfectly! They are adorable but I would like anyone’s thoughts on what would be even fluffier than just a high bulk wool. I used a Angora/Mohair blend that looked like it would be perfect…now I am thinking it will look perfect in a different project!

Hi there,

I am just curious, does it take a whole ball of the Berroco Suede to make one pair of these booties? I am just about to order the yarn, but I wouldn’t mind making a few pairs so I want to make sure I order enough!

Also, has anyone used a different yarn then Berroco Plush for the trim? I live in Canada and am having a hard time finding the Plush in Crema, but I do love how fluffy it looks in the pics.


I’d say you could get 3 booties out of a ball, ie one and a half pairs. I doubt you’d get 2 pairs but I hope someone else can comment too.

It was impossible for me to get the Berroco Plush too. I used Sirdar Snowflake Chunky and though I would have preferred the Plush, I think the Snowflake was fine. If you are on Ravelry and want to see how the Snowflake looks, click my link and you’ll see my Uggs on my project page, called “Chloe’s Ugg Booties”.

I have been able to get one pair if large and 1one pair of small booties. I still have a little extra I think. I used a blend that I found at my lys for the fulff. It was a dk weight and I thought I could double it, but then i realised that even when I quardupled it it still didn’t look right. I ended up having to find some plush.