Anyone make 2 mittens on ML?

I know you can do 2 socks at the same time on a magic loop(haven’t tried it yet). Can you do the same thing with mittens? Has anyone done it? And, most importantly, how do you do it? :muah: I just did a pair of toddler mittens on dpns and came out w/two different sizes. Thought this might solve things.

Cast on the cuff of each mitten like you would for cuff down socks on ML - here’s a tutorial on how to do that.

Then you just follow the directions for the mittens as if you were working on dpns in the round, working across each mitten, being careful not to twist your yarn and keeping each ball separate.

It should be easy to do and both mittens will match!

Hope this helps

But I wouldn’t recommend doing the thumbs at the same time - do one then the other (ML, 2 circs, or DPNs) because IME they hang and stretch the picked up stitches, and you can’t help but try to compensate by knitting tighter, and your thumb ends up too small and the stitches are visibly smaller. It will be fiddly and get in the way I think.

I actually wondered the same thing, i’d love to knit two mittens at once, it does look hard though. And you could do it on dpn’s right?

If you’re doing dpn’s, you would probably want each of the two mittens on a different set. You can still work on them at the same time – do one row (or section or something) with Mitten A, then put that down and do the same row (or section) with Mitten B, then put that down and switch back to A, and so on. It doesn’t really work to do two mittens on the same set of dpns, though.

…well, I take that back. There is a method that might work – the thing (I don’t have a link offhand) where one sock/mitten is kind of inside the other, like double-knitting but with separate items. You might be able to manage that with a single set of dpns. On the other hand, it’s awfully complicated, and would be very easy to end up with a single unwearable lump. :teehee:

The method that was linked to (where the two items are next to each other on a single long cable needle) wouldn’t work with a single set of dpns, because they aren’t long enough, and the mechanics wouldn’t work even if they were. But there’s nothing keeping you from having two sets of dpns going, as long as you own enough needles :slight_smile: