Anyone made the 'Spring Breeze Placemat'?

I want to make some placemats, and this is the only free pattern I’ve found that I like. However, it says to use sport weight yarn. It doesn’t say to make it in cotton, but I assume a placemat should be knit in cotton like other kitchen things. And I don’t even think cotton comes in a sport weight…at least basic cotton brands like Lily Sugar n Cream.

Any thoughts or opinions? If I can’t decide what to do about this pattern and the whole cotton thing, I think I might just try and change around a dishcloth pattern to make it into a placemat.

As I was reading your post, that was exactly what I was going to suggest. This website has some FANTASTIC dishcloth patterns.
Also, try HERE and HERE and HERE

I say do it in cotton if you want to! It’s a placemat for sheep’s sake! :smiley: Using similar weight yarns would be an issue if you were knitting something to wear, but since the only thing this will do is protect your table, it doesn’t matter if it ends up a little bigger, or smaller (unless it’s smaller than your plate, then you have a problem). Go for it, if cotton is what you want to use. the only POSSIBLE thing I can think of is it might have a different reaction to heat; so don’t stick the placemat under your fondue pot.

[size=6]YES! ABSOLUTELY![/size]
For the sake of sheep EVERYWHERE, use COTTON! Poor sheep…all the other barnyard animals making fun of their skinny shorn butts! Getting cold at night without their fur… Their girlfriends thought they were big, beefy (hee hee…) manly sheep until they got those bad haircuts, now all the she-sheep are braking up with them because they look like skinny nerdy wimpy un-sexy sheep!
[size=6]USE COTTON!!![/size]

LMAO Kelly

Thanks for the replies. I will be changing around a dishcloth pattern. I love those websites too KK. I made a couple from the Dishcloth Boutique last month. They turned out really good. One of them was the Woven dishcloth… I think you made that one too KK. Anyways, thats one of the dishcloths that I might change the pattern.

I did buy my cotton tonight. Lily Sugar n Cream is on sale at Michaels this week :smiley: :XX: :XX:

LOLOL Bought Sugar and Cream the other night at Michaels to make dish towels!!! Hmmm Hey, how 'bout I get more and make place mats too. :wink:

i want to try cotton chenille…that sugar and cream stuff is hard workins@@@ i was going to buy some at that site :XX: