Anyone made EZ's Hurry Up Last Minute (Wishbone) Sweater?

I just bought 5 skeins of Brown Sheep Burly Spun to knit this up for my husband for Christmas. It should knit up fast, which is key, since I’m already working on a hoodie for myself (the Under the Hoodie from SnB) and have a sweater lined up for my daughter! Need to make one for my son too. Anyway everything I knit dh says “nice but it’s not that thick, is it?” So here he goes - the thickest sweater possible!

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this pattern. It looks straightforward enough. My biggest concern is, if his chest is 40", what do I want the finished dimensions of the sweater to be? It is such a thick yarn, I want to be sure there is enough room, but don’t want it too big either.

The pattern is from December of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s (EZ’s) Knitter’s Almanac.

I don’t know anything about the sweater, but for measurements, if he has a sweater that he likes the fit of, measure that and make yours the same size.

Thanks Ingrid! Great idea. I’m guessing I should add a little to compensate for the extra thickness of the super bulky weight yarn? The sweater he has is thick, it’s a cotton ribbed Calvin Klein sweater.

:thinking: I probably would.