Anyone made country denim hobo bag out of fabric?

I’ve been :XX: my lil’ heart out on this bag my first time doing dpns and with fabric and first time using circulars unless ya count that I started an afghan at the same time on circulars but I don’t have to knit that in the round anyways I have been just knitting and knitting and got my bag to measure the 9 inches so now I read:

From this point you will be splitting the bag into 2 sections and using the strips that were set aside for one of the sections… (okey dokey will do)

Row 1~ K2TOG, K18, K2Tog. Attach the other fabric strip; K2Tog, K18, K2Tog (okey dokey did that…)

Row 2~ Purl. Keep Sections separate…
******Ok this is where I hit my snag… I know where the one section is cause its the stitches at the beginning of this row to where the next fabric joined… I have the second section knited onto that 2nd piece buttttttttt what do I purl?? eeekk hard to explain… Do I go back and just Purl those stitches I just did in both sections? If I do the whole bag do I pick a certain point and just purl the first section till I think its half way then purl the second section?? Cause after doing Row 1 I still have the rest of my bag the back side sitting on circulars wondering are we purled or ignored? it should be purled but how do I do that in 2sections… LOL I hope this makes sense to someone cause I don’t know how to explain this LOL HELLLLPPPPP :help:

TIA :thumbsup:

edited do to spelling…

well I went to their site to see if they had a help button LOL and clicked on the Fabri knit updated instructions and now :frog: why didn’t I check this first??? MANNNNNN :crying:

I didn’t realize you were asking for advice. I didn’t knit this, so I didn’t read the post. Just for my own curiosity, were you supposed to purl the two sides seperately?

Hi Ingrid, yeppers both sides get purled sep. and then you also slowly dec. both sides till you have 6 st. left… When I started I had trouble on the dpns to get the inc where I was suppose to but just thought I was thinking to hard LOL in the corrections they corrected that and instead of
Row 1~ K2TOG, K18, K2Tog. Attach the other fabric strip; K2Tog, K18, K2Tog…
You Now K30 in between the K2Tog. this takes you all the way around its alot easier LOL cause before it wasn’t getting me around the purse so I couldn’t figure out how I kept the purls seperate if I didn’t do anything with the back of the purse… Now I go half way on one section and the other half on the other and will purl both sections separate :rollseyes: hopefully…

Wouldn’t it be great if they would send you corrections the way car folks send out recall notifications? We wouldn’t have to think we’re crazy.

Good luck with it. :smiley:

Thank You Ingrid, I’ll let ya know how it goes LOL I wish they would do something cause I couldn’t figure it out at all… and not sure what made me go look at their website but glad I did or I’d be pulling my hair out by now :lol:

:cheering: Ingrid Its DONNNNEEE!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: all but the linning but gonna let my mom do that I’m sooo happy to have it done!!! once I got the corrections it was very easy to do YEAHHHHH :XX:

Woohoo! Good for you! I hope you can post a pic. :smiley:

Dustinac, I went to to look at the bag & love it…I can’t wait to see it; are you going to be able to post pics, as Ingid asked?!
WTG :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks!! I’m gonna try to get pictures of it tonight or tomorrow depends on how low my battery is then I’ll try to post some… I tried posting some of my pets and couldn’t get it to work :thinking: will try to make this smaller and post it when I get the picture :thumbsup: