Anyone made a Dandoh Scarf?

I’ve made two so far and they are quick and fun! I blogged about them here:


Beautiful scarf, but I’m sorry to hear of the experience that allowed you to finish it. I hope your kiddo is feeling mucho better!

Really lovely scarf in beautiful colors. Thanks for posting the link.

Your scarf turned out very nice. I’m glad you posted this too because I was given a skein of this yarn. It’s so pretty. I’m thinking of making a shawl but I will need to buy more of it first.

Nice scarf!

Glad the lad’s OK. My son was the same age when his appendix decided to stage a revolt. Hubby and I were 2 states away when it happened. We were in the stands jumping up and down because our favorite driver had won. The announcer proclaimed the winner, then added "(my husband’s name) from Kentucky, call your mother."