Anyone knows how to shrink an adult pattern size to children

I have a nice adult sweater pattern I want to make a sweater for my 4 year old DD. Is that possible?

Not a clue, but wouldn’t it be easier to find a similar pattern and go with that?

It’s so hard to find a pattern I like ! :crying:

It might work if the adult pattern is using a fairly heavy yarn and you used baby yarn or something very light with smaller needles. You can figure it out by the gauge rows. Figure out her chest size, even using a pattern that would fit her. Then figure out the tension with a baby yarn, on the ball band, and see if it would translate. Don’t know if this is clear! samm

A lady at a local yarn shop just told me yesterday how to resize to a super chunky yarn I want to use on a pattern that uses chunky yarn.So I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for this. She said to take the sizes Small 50 stitches Med 55 sts Large 60 sts. find the difference THEY use to change the sizes. So if I want a smaller size then there small I would cast on 45 sts.Because the of the 5 sts difference they used.And just do that for all of there numbers in the pattern.Hope this isn’t to confusing! I’ll check back later in case you have questions.