Anyone know where there is a tutorial on knitting 2 sleeves

at once on two circulars or even on one circular? I want to do both my sleeves at once. I have looked everywhere for some explanations or tutorials with pics, etc. Any help would be appreciated?

Are you knitting them in the round? You could probably follow the basic concept used when knitting 2 socks on 2 circs. Depending on what kind of sleeve you’re making, there may be areas where you need to work one sleeve at a time (e.g., if you use short rows for the sleeve cap) similar to sock heels. Here are some sock instructions.

Thanks, Jane, someone just gave me that link today. While reading it my mind was going round and round and round. Ha! Yes, I’m talking about going in the round with the sleeves. I may try this when I get ready to cast on the sleeves if I can figure it out. I appreciate your help.

When (and how) would a person want to use 2 circular needles simultaneously?

(Just curious.)

Sounds pretty complicated.


If you go to the link mentioned above, you will see how they do two socks on two circulars. Much easier than DPN’s in my opinion. I think I did do two socks a long time ago on two circulars but I don’t remember now how to do it. But I want to do two sleeves on them now. It’s not really complicated once you have cast on and get going.

Dufort, see Amy’s videos for small diameter circular knitting on this page. She shows how to do it several ways, one of which is using 2 circs.