Anyone know where I can find

My dad really wants me to make cotton dishcloths for him in the colors of his favorite sports team. I am having a really hard time finding a nice royal blue color and a gold color. I remember finding a website that had these colors a while back, but of course I can find it now. Anyone have any ideas.


Maybe Sonatawould work? The French Navy color looks fairly close to royal blue, and they have a couple of gold shades.

Try here and check out the color card. Contact her to have her order in any colors she might not have in stock. If you don’t care about it being washable, also try the color chart for Cascade 220 as well!

ETA: Oops, sorry! I only just noticed that I got the info from one post on another forum mixed up with your post – YOU want cotton, SHE wants wool, and I gave her a cotton link and you a wool one! Ooops…

I’ve got the color Inca Gold in another Elann cotton yarn and it is a more intense color than it shows on my computer screen. I really like the color.

Have you looked here?

This is my favorite yarn for dishcloths. It’s lighter, dries quicker, the colors don’t fade and stay beautiful at least in my experience. As you can see they have a zillion colors. :lol:

Other sites have it cheaper so if you want it do a search for Tahki Cotton Classic.

Found a nice royal blue at Webs #403 and this looks like a nice gold (#42, cornflower) Berroco love it has a color close to royal blue also (same website)

Also, check this out - a little pricey b/c you have to get a cone, but there is quite the spectrum of colors available

This is for football teams, hope it helps!