Anyone know what this tool is? Clawed tweezers?

When I took up knitting recently I bought a bundle of knitting needles and a set of crochet hooks. Both sets came with a stack of extra bits, half of which I didn’t know the use of but have since learned or worked out. Markers, little rubbery needle ends, stitch holders, cable needles etc.
However, I can’t work out what this is or what it would be used for. Like a pair of tweezers but with a clawed end (quite rough and sharp)

Do you know what it is please?
I’m not sure if its worth keeping

I think this is a bodkin. When you want to thread elastic or cord through a casing, you catch it between the claws and slide the metal collar down to make it grip.

I feel they are more used in sewing than in knitting, but I am sure you will hear from others with more experience than me shortly.


Wow thank you.
Yes I think you are absolutely right. I’ve just googled it and looked photos and uses and this is exactly what it is.
Never seen one before and never heard of one before.

I was thinking of binning it as it just seemed sharp and horrible but I will keep it now that I know it is supposed to be like this and what it is used for.
I don’t know if it will ever get used but you never know. I’ll put it in my sewing kit instead of with my knitting things.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about it.

Nothing extra to add except that we once had a tuxedo cat called Bodkin - he used to make very good use of his clawed feet also!! :joy: Thank you for the wonderful memories reading your question has brought back, he is still very much missed by us.

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Fabulous name for a cat :cat2: :grinning: