Anyone know what this contraption is?

A lady in my step class was giving away her mother inlaw’s things (I think she passed away). Amongst the belongings was some knitting stuff. So she let me have some dpns, some dowels that look like she was trying to make her own needles (I’ll finish’em), and … this thing (see attachment) … :??

It’s the only thing I could muster through MSpaint. :oops: And I couldn’t google 'cause I have no clue what words to google.

Anyone have any idea what this thing is??? I’m stumped. :??

Maybe a part of an old ball winder?? :??

Oops … forgot to add: It’s about 16" tall. The distance btw the frame sides is about 4", while the “base” is about 4.5" wide. :??

There was another one in the bag of goodies, but it was smaller in all three dimensions mentioned above… :thinking:

Hm :thinking: I don’t see any joints, knobs, or blips that would indicate that it’s a piece of something. It looks complete.

Lemme look up pics of all of types of ball winders… Thanks for the lead, KK!! :thumbsup:

Maybe a CONE winder, or a bobbin for a spinning contraption?

Well - I found this. Check out the Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool(almost half way down the page). So the yarn that’s wrapped around my “Mystery Find” is wrapped kind of like the yarn in the example. :thinking:

Onward searchbound … ekgheiy skips out of the room w/ her crackerjack-box badge :mrgreen:

My first thought was a hair pin lace maker, too.

Is it some kind of loom? :??

:drool: More leads!!! Off to google … zoooooooom

Ooo, Oh, Click me babie!! --> :eyebrow: <-- Click me.

OH! I thought it was a conical-shaped thing! Its FLAT! :doh:

NEW SKILL FOR EEK!!! :cheering:

So what’s hairpin lace?

I’ve never done it, just seen it in the back of instruction books.

Ok, I just have to apologize. I’ve glanced at the title of this thread I don’t know how many times, and EVERYTIME I read it as contraception, instead of contraption. And then to see the picture… :roflhard:

What a difference 2 letters makes.

:roflhard: The IUD from hell! :roflhard:

Yikes, :shock: that’s all I have to say about that. What a visual.


YEOUCH!! :shock:

OMG!!! :shock: me too! I kept seeing ‘contraception’!!! :roflhard:
(sorry ekgheiy :oops: )

You guys are scaring me…I happen to have an IUD.

Well, HEY, Deni! I betcha didnt KNOW you could also make LACE with it!! :shock: