Anyone know this stitch name?

My mom gave me a child’s jacket she got in a box at an auction. I would love to know what stitch this is! I’m totally stumped, as is several of my friends.

Does anyone recognize this stitch? It is not double knit, yet feels like two layers interwoven together. The inside of the jacket is the wrong side, which looks like a ribbing and the honeycomb pattern is the right side. I’ve googled for days and can’t find it… I’ve found some similar but when I knit them up, the wrong side is not the ribbing, it’s garter…

Any help is appreciated! I’m going crazy here trying to find it!

It’s possible it was machine knit which is hard to duplicate. The only I know to get a reversible looking fabric is double knitting or something like ribbing.

That did finally occur to me.

But, from looking at a small hole and loosening a thread, it appears to be able to be hand knit. I’m just too dumb to take it apart and figure it out…

The RS is very like honeycomb brioche which you’ve probably tried but of course, it doesn’t give a ribbed WS. It’s very intriguing but I haven’t come across it.

I sent the pics to Meg, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s daughter, and she is also intrigued with it. She asked if I ever found out what it is to let her know.

I’m wondering if it could be a vintage, European stitch or something?

i wonder if it’s a form of double knitting that we just can’t figure out… you might try posting on ravelry, like nathan taylor’s sockmatician forum for double knitting - .

I wondered about that too, XtopherCB.

Here’s a pic of the needle inserted on one side, would it show thru the other if it were double knit?

Hmmm, I don’t think it would show if it was double knit because that creates a double fabric.

Thanks, Jan. I’m new to knitting, but I thought it shouldn’t show on double knits.

I went to the library and found something called a smocking stitch; it wasn’t the same, but I am going to try going in that direction, maybe. Honeycomb doesn’t seem to be it; I think I’ve exhausted all those.

Meg Swanson had a friend who found the stitch! She is such a nice gal!

It’s a brioche beehive stitch, very interesting stitch. You flip the yarn strands over the work to the right side to create the beehive.

Thank you so much for tracking this down and letting us know. It’s a lovely stitch pattern and I’m happy to know how it’s done.