Anyone know something about Copley yarn?

A customer asked me about Copley Climax yarn. I haven’t heard of it and it’s not on yarndex…maybe not around anymore? I thought someone here might recognize it.

Here is her message:

My best friend has finally found the courage to start sorting through her
late mother’s craft projects. She found a beautiful sweater with the body
and half of one sleeve finished. Unfortunately there is only one skein of
yarn left to complete a sleeve and a half, plus a buttonhole band. My best
estimate is that I need to find another four 50-gram skeins of yarn to
complete this for her. Being unfamiliar with the Copley brand of yarn, I am
doing an internet search, and your site came up. Can you give me any advice
as to where I might find this yarn?

The specifics are:
Copley “Climax” Double Knitting
Shade 397 (bright red)
Lot 9645

Thank you and any of your subscribers who might help me locate this yarn. I deeply appreciate your help!

All I know is, Copley are / were a UK company based in Darlington (Yorkshire). I messaged an ebayer selling a copley pattern and she gave me an address of this:

l. copley-smith & sons limited
p.o. box darlington
dl1 1yw

I know thats not much help but I’ll see what else I can find out and see if I can find a place for the yarn. Again no immediate promises, I’m still up to my eyes in family stuff!

Thanks so much, Mulene!!!

Mission complete. Here is the scoop in case anyone else ever needs it:

Copley went out of business years ago and may have been purchased by Coats&Clark here in the US.

Copley Climax … talk about yarn porn !!!

:roflhard: I must have a dirty mind becuase I totally thought of that…notice how I left that out of the post title :slight_smile:

I did notice that :slight_smile: But … I KNEW you were thinking it !!!

:roflhard: glad you got the answer but oh boy I’m glad someone else mentioned the name of it =D