Anyone know of any yarn with some stretch to it?

I would love to make a nice fitted tank or something, but I know with just cotton yarn (from experience) that it just hangs. I would love to find some yarn with a little stretch to it. I had some at one point, but I don’t have the label anymore.

any suggestions on a nice fitted garment too would be great!

You could try cotton blends, Cottonease, Cottontots or Black Sheep’s Cotton Fleece. Knitpick’s has a couple cotton blends too.

Rowan Calmer… there is a knit along with Art Lady on Tempting II,
they are all using Rowan Calmer and they say it is WONDERFUL…

Rowan Calmer
Berroco Love It

oh my god…I went to the Rowan site – I love the pattern Cloud…I guess I will be on a hunt for this now! The pattern looks a little difficult for me though – but it claims its a beginner.
I’ll post about this!

Thanks guys!

You could also try Cascade Fixation. I’ve used it to make socks, but I don’t know why you couldn’t use the yarn for a tank. It is mostly cotton with a little elastic.

Whitelies Shapely Tank (free online) is very popular and can be made to fit nearly every size, shape. Plan for negative ease if you want it quite fitted.

TLC’s Cotton Plus is great cotton/acrylic blend. Very nice to work with.


I have used Cascade Fixation in socks & like it very much. It has a nice feel to it & does give slightly. You might want to make a pair of wristwarmers first to check your gauge & to see how it feels. Julianne

I went to the White Lies site…and I like the tank called Nannette Tee (

anyone ever make this one??