Anyone know of a nice lace rib?

I’m trying to make myself some armwarmers/fingerless gloves and all the free patterns I’ve found are rather boring. I know I can’t squeeze in too much in the space of an armwarmer, but I’m looking for something complex and pretty; otherwise I’ll get bored, go off and spend more money on yarn.

So, anyone know of a sturdy lace pattern/rib that’d keep an armwarmer on pretty tight but still look snazzy? I’m thinking something more like
rather than

I’m getting “A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns” from the library, too, if anyone could point me to a nice lace rib patttern in there, that’d be a huge help.

A nice ribbed lace in The Second Treasury is called Stripe with Twisted Bars.

Milanese Lace, also in the second volume, has an interesting diagonal movement.

In the first Treasury, look at Vine Lace and Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib.

There are so many good patterns in the Walker books that you’ll probably find a dozen you like better than these.

Thanks for those recommendations! The Millanese lace catches my eye, as well as a great many of the leaf lace panels. I think it’s a combination of texture, lace and asymmetry that really makes it for me; I’ll have to knit 8 different armwarmers just for the great ideas Ms. Walker is giving me.