Anyone know how to do this stitch?

Speckled rib stitch. (I also posted on the ‘how to’ forum). I’ve looked in all my books and googled w/no luck. Maybe it’s called a different name now? I’m wanting to knit some cute cardigans for my twins, it’s a pattern from Big Needle Knitting by House of White Birches. My swatch doesn’t look like the picture but the gauge came out just right (yeah!). Any ideas?

Can you post a picture of what it’s supposed to look like? Maybe we can unvent it.

In case you read this one first–the sock has the description of how to do it.

I wrote out the swatch pattern on the ‘how to forum’ - I’m thinking my problem(s) must be the position of the yarn. When you sl 1p, k1, where is your working yarn at each stitch, and then when you sl 1p wyif, k1, same question - do you take your yarn to the back when you k1? Am I confusing you guys w/my wording? I wish I could see it done, I’m a much more visual person than reading the patterns. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

When you knit the yarn is in back of your work. To purl bring the yarn to the front of your work BETWEEN the needles.

When you sl 1p, k1, where is your working yarn at each stitch,

To sl 1p, means to slip as if to purl, which usually means you bring your yarn in front as if to purl, and then just slip the stitch without wrapping the yarn to actually purl it…just slide it from one needle to the other. (Check the video that goes along with the glossary terms in this site)

Then when you k1, you put it back between the needles in position to knit, and just knit the next stitch as usual.

then when you sl 1p wyif, k1, same question - do you take your yarn to the back when you k1?

If you have the commas in the right place, I’d say, this is exactly the same as the previous instruction.

The question I would have, however, is why it would include “wyif” on one and not the other?

That would lead me to believe that perhaps in the first instance you actually do leave the yarn in back, but insert the needle into the stitch as if to purl… I totally agree that your pattern is confusing.

But unless it says otherwise, I’d have the yarn in back for the knit stitches as usual.

Probably not much help, I guess. Try swatching both ways and see what happens.

In my (limited) experience, sl 1p is simply “slip one purlwise” and if you had the yarn in back already, do NOT move it, keep yarn in back, as the working yarn is NOT included in this instruction. Then, when you sl 1p wyif, you would put yarn in front, slip, yarn back, then knit. This does NOT create (again imle) a yarnover, but is similar to wrapping a stitch.

Are you still needing to see pic,? Here’s from Harmony Guide.


cam - that looks like the stitch - and the directions look better than the ones I have. Is there any chance you could write out the directions if it’s not too much to do? I’ve been messing w/some swatches but none have come out quite right yet.

It’s an 8-row repeat. The first six rows are legible in the pic.

Row 7: K2, *sl1 pw, K1: rep * to last st, K1.
Row 8: K2, * yf, sl1 pw, yb, K1; rep * to last st, K1.

There ya go!


Thanks! I’m going to give it go - I really should do some housework for a bit, but I’ll be at it soon. (I usually give in to the yarn and let the housework go. :slight_smile: ) That looks like a good stitch book, which one is it? I’ll report back when I get it done.