Anyone know good LYS ....NY/NJ

along the GSP in jersey or between NYC and Albany ??

I am having trouble locating one… I looked in the yellow pages but when a place doesnt have a website its so hard to see if its worth driving to. I went to one so far and I absolutely hated it.

I went in, and it was extremely tiny and cramped…people were there knitting, which is nice… but I barely got a hello, let alone help…and for someone who knows nothing about yarn and has never set foot into a yarn store, that is VERY discouraging…

I hate buying online because I want to be able to touch the yarn and see it IRL before spendig 8 dollars a freakin skein on it… ya know>!!!

Check out the map here. You might be able to find some help there! :thumbsup:

eta: the correct map link


I’m in Bergen County!

There’s a lys in Teaneck (off the Turnpike, not the GSP), I think it’s on Cedar Lane, but I haven’t been to it. There’s also one in Ho-Ho-Kus (GSP to 17, it’s off 17), I think there are a couple in Hoboken (also not off the GSP). There’s one in Pearl River, NY (not too far off the GSP), and one in Nyack, NY (right off I-87, by the Tappan-Zee Bridge.)

I’ve only been to the one in Nyack, and it’s nice. :thumbsup:

I live in the U.K. so I don’t know of any but good luck!
But I know how you feel, all of my yarn has been bought off the internet so far and I’ve been looking far and wide for a LYS and when I finally found one less than an hour away I went to go and have a look, feeling very excited to feel and see all the beautiful yarn. But I got pretty disapointed, it was a [size=1]tiny[/size] shop, barely big enough for five people to fit in and it was all dingy so you couldn’t see what the yarn was like and they were so unfriendly, the owner was sort of looking at us and frowning whenever we touched any yarn! :rofl: I scooted out of there pretty quickly! :out:

THanks for the map brendajos…il deffinitely check it out

sweet…nyack is right by my brothers house so I have a feeling ill be there next weekend lol , and I work in jersey city so the hoboken ones will work too:) thanks :slight_smile:

Terujan : Deffinitely not a way to keep customers eh!!! At least for me the owner was in a little nook knitting with her friends, they never even glanced my way hehe…

Well, if your brother lives near Nyack, then Pearl River isn’t far. Knitting Nation is the Nyack store, and it’s on Broadway. (Main Street is the one that goes down towards the river, Broadway is the street that intersects it by the Starbucks.)

The Pearl River store is called the Stitchery, on Central Ave. Like I said, I’ve never been there, but to get there from Nyack, you would take Main Street, which turns into Route 59. Take Route 59 to 304 South, which goes right through Pearl River. :thumbsup:

KnottyDaisy has been there and she said it’s like floor to ceiling yarns.

I just googled and found this list of New York State yarn stores and this list of New Jersey stores. I’d call ahead of time to make sure they’re still there–the Englewood store listed on the NJ list moved to Vermont. :teehee:

thanks again!:slight_smile: I will deffinitely go to the new york ones…Not only do my brothers live around there, but thats on the way to my parents house…so I make my way that way at least once a month … … I think the wool works list is where I found the store that I went to and hated lol [ even though the site says the owner is ‘extremely helpful’]… ill have to check out some of the otherones… Im sure my shyness doesn’t help…

I live about 10-15 minutes away from Nyack and Pearl River, too. :slight_smile:

Maybe we will bump into eachother at the nyack store heheh… Im the short fluffy one with the confused look on her face :wink: