Anyone know a pattern similar to this?

Saw it today at the LYS… Seems like it would be a good 1st sweater, but a little ouchie at $16.50 for the book. Anyone ever seen anything similar?

One Button Cardigan



no pattern or link :whoosh:

HAHA! Can you tell I havent slept in a week?! Sorry!

It is actually very “lacey” and open in person… looks more tweedy in the picture.

Drops (Garnstudio) has some nice cardigan patterns available on their website.

You may want to take a look there to see if anything appeals to you.

Wow! You’re not kidding. They have a huge library of patterns.


Uh huh. It’ll take you a couplethree days to go through their patterns, but there should be something similar there.

Also has lots of free cardis that look similar.


How about:

You know, I have this February Sweater patter saved in my faves on Ravelry too. It is fabulous isnt it? Do you think it would be a good first sweater? Im not necessarily looking for anything quick, just something that wont frustrate me. I can do all te stitches, the patterns just look so intimidating…

Thanks for the suggestion. This may be the one for me…


I did find this one on Berocco… I think I prefer the looks of the February sweater better, but this one might be easier? It is very similar to the original one I posted… Stella Sweater Any opinions which would be a better first sweater? I am pretty new knitter, but I LOVE a challenge.


The Feb sweater would be good for a first time. It’s top down in one piece so there’s no seams to sew up (except a few stitches at the underarm). It’s a `custom fit’ design - you increase it until it fits you. The Berrocco one is pretty, but there’s all those pieces to sew together and a buttonband to crochet on. It would be less forgiving if you didn’t get the exact gauge you need.

Great thanks! Now I just have to find some yarn!!!