Anyone knitting the Christmas stockings from Interweave?

Hi Everyone,
I have been slightly busy these days (watching my Grandson during the week & fulfilling orders from my handknitting business) & have missed reading & posting on this wonderful site. I decided to knit my Grandsons their own Christmas stocking, since they will be a year old before the new year. I purchased the Interweave Treasury of Christmas Stockings because the updated book with the absolutely gorgeous stockings took my heart away. Well, I’m behind in completing them (hoping to give them the finished stockings for "Little Christmas). The first one is an Aran patterned stocking worked with DPNs…Oh, my! At one point during the knitting, I have 6 DPNs going. Anyone out there familiar with these patterns & can relate to my challenges. Oh, I might add, I love a challenge, so if I do not finish them by Little Christmas, they will be a great Valentine’s gift to my little sweethearts…cloud9
Happy to be posting here again:cheering:

I haven’t seen the book but it sounds really nice. I can’t wait to see your stockings, can you post a progress photo of the one you are working on? I’d love to see it :happydance: So good to see ya posting again!! :hug:

Thanks for the warm welcome back, dustinac. The Christmas stocking project I mentioned above is on hold for alittle while. Because I was busy with customer orders, I ran out of time. I told my daughters I would give the little ones their stockings for St. Patrick’s Day & St Joseph’s Day in March. They were great with that. I have to give myself a deadline on personal projects.
In addition to my home-based knitting/sewing business, I knit samples for the company I purchase my yarns from. I absolutely love doing it. I will be making 6 baby sweaters over the next couple of weeks. I just love knitting for the little ones.
I will definitely post the stocking progress when I get back to that project. What are you working on right now?
Oh, I actually purchased the Interweave Treasury of Christmas Stockings electronically. Very Cool! I printed all 40 pages & punched holes in the pages & put them in a binder. Now I have my book, without leaving the house I might add!
Have a Happy Knitting Day.