Anyone Knitting for Christmas?

Wow, a 20 yr break. Welcome back!
Thank you for your advice. Gotta love Michael’s
Coupons. I got a store buster bunch of yarn the
Other day. First time with this yarn. Charisma.
Love it! Makes a beautiful lapghan for someone.
I will post a pix of the yarn.

@amy I added the stockings and the pumpkins. I assume they have to be approved because I don’t see them.


I used Charisma in Dec/13 - 1 ball made a short scarf - really cozy. Yeah I’ve noticed, Michael’s have really been pushing the yarn sales the last few weeks!

Thank you Jan! I think I’ll pass on the socks - I’m not a socks person, even if they are tiny.


You’re welcome.


You’re welcome, Amy. I’ll see what I can do about adding the pattern to the free patterns section. Right now it is late and I need to get to bed.

I have now knit one side and 3 rows of 1 tree, so I’ve a bit to go yet on a whole collection lol.


They aren’t socks…the are little Christmas Stockings not for wearing. But it’s okay if you don’t like or want them. :slight_smile: I’m going to knit up a few for the tree to put gift cards in. :slight_smile:

Gillian, Please only add the pattern if you want to! No pressure from me. Thanks for sharing on the forum in any case!

I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving weekend!

Oops, just seeing this tagged post for me. Yes, Jan, they need to be approved. I’ll give Shel a nudge. Thanks for adding those!

I’m a little back logged with new pattern additions. But I will take a look later today and see if I can get them on the site. I’m simultaneously working on a new KH website while trying to keep up with the tasks on the existing site. Every time I check the free patterns queue I have about 150 patterns to approve!

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Sorry Jan. They do look rather cute and yes, I know they’re not for wearing. I just don’t use circulars or dpns, so to start at this stage, so close to Christmas, would be rather challenging.

I have all of 1 1/2 sides of 1 tiny Christmas tree completed and will be very pleased with myself if I manage to complete 2 complete trees, but am thinking it can just be the start of a mini Christmas tree collection. Maybe I should try the same with the little socks.

Was it here or somewhere else that someone talked about using dpns for small projects? The reason why I ask is that I am actually using small, metal needles for my mini trees project. I found them in a yarn shop. In fact, I saw the plastic version, but when I brought them to the till, the cashier told me they were also available in metal.


I usually use circular needles, but for very small projects I sometimes use DPN. Mine are bamboo, but that’s personal choice.

I’m not so sure about dpns. I made a start on knitting a sock with them, but the stitches kept falling off. I guess circulars or magic loop might work, but I’m happy with the short straights.


Gillian, my metal dpns kept sliding out of my stitches so I gave up working with dpns. So frustrating! It wasn’t until I switched to bamboo dpns that I could use them at all.