Anyone Knitting for Christmas?

I found a pattern for tiny Christmas trees to hang on a big tree. They can be done in one solid colour with trimmings added or in stripes. I have done one side in stripes, in red and white yarn. It’s a very easy pattern, but I don’t know how many I’ll achieve before Christmas.

Here is a link to the pattern:


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Those are very cute, Gillian! I think I’ll make up a few of those, too!

I have a little sock pattern that I was thinking of making and then donating to charity to use for Christmas, but I thought about it too late. Here’s the pattern if you or anyone is interested. These are about 4 inches tall.

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Both of those patterns are adorable. They’re great add-ons for presents and for Christmas tree decorations. Thank you both.

Great! Thank you:)

You are famous with a pattern on ravelry!
I adore your wee stocking. Thank you for
Sharing your pattern. I will be making it for
I wonder if it could be made a bit bigger to
Use as a gift card holder.

Aww thank you! :aww: I think it’s big enough as is for a gift card. It’s about 4 inches high and 3.37 wide because of the way it’s shaped, but there are instructions for a bigger sock in parenthesis if you want. Also you can just add a few rows to the height if you want.

I actually made 40 of these a few years ago for a charity project. It’s too late to do that this year (I’m not that fast!), but I think I’ll start making some for next year.

I hope I can do this. I guess magic loop needs to be used?
Never done that before. Exciting challenge!

Any method of knitting in the round, but use markers if you choose DPN so you’ll always place the increases or decreases correctly. I found ML easiest, but it may not be for everyone.

I will try ML for sure. DPN never worked for me.
Thank you!

I was just printing the pattern for the little sock and realized I used the two circular needle method for knitting in the round so keep that in mind. A few instructions may seem odd. If you have questions just ask.

Oh oh. I have never knitted with two circular needles. Will look on you tube. I don’t have duplicate needles, and my one set has a blanket on it now. Something to look forward to trying. Thanks for letting me know!

You do need to use the same needles (duplicates) or you’ll have a different gauge on each side of the sock.

I watched a you tube demonstration. Fascinating!
Maybe a foolish question. Is it worth buying sets of two identical needles? What types of projects do people knit with them? I know socks are out for me!

I saw a set of circular needles on…I live in Canada. They were only $5 or so and many different sizes. However I think they are the same length. I suspect you need smaller lengths for small items?

Smaller lengths are definitely easier to work with on small items. I don’t remember what I used, but it was probably 24" simply because I have many cables that length.

I decided to knit a little Santa suit for my little boy for Christmas. Then I spoke to a friend who is a photographer and traded her borrowing the suit up till Christmas for her taking some pictures of him wearing it, so I have some nice pictures for cards and maybe even a calendar or two.

I used mostly stash yarn, so I only paid for one bigish ball of green yarn and the pompom (cause I was feeling lazy), pretty good price for professional pictures! Plus I get a cute suit! :slight_smile:

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Your son looks adorable in his little Santa suit! Great cooperation and fantastic photos.

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OMG he is adorable!! Those are great pictures and the Santa suit is darling!

Oh my goodness, that is adorable Eve! What a great trade, too! Those photos are priceless!

Gillian, those little trees are quite sweet. Thanks for sharing! If it’s not in our free patterns section yet, you could add it. Look for a discrete text link on the main page of the free patterns section, for how to add a free pattern.

Ditto to your sweet little stockings , @Jan_in_CA , those are adorable!

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Hi - it’s my first time on the new site - been away from knitting for quite awhile! I discovered circulars a couple of years ago, when I returned to knitting after a 20-year “break” from knitting. I love them, use them for everything. I did a hat using 2 circ’s and it was great (even though I’m pretty much a novice knitter ;-). Their big advantage is you only have 2 joins, and you can knit down to the last couple of stitches. I can’t see that the length makes any difference really - mine are all 29" - because I like the length of the needle section on that size best. I’m in Canada too - I gradually doubled up on all the sizes I’d ever need, by just waiting for Michael’s 50% off coupons. The best video I found on using 2 circ’s is by Cat Bordhi (Pt 1) - combined with a couple of points made on the one by Knitting by Judy.
Hope this is helpful :slight_smile: