Anyone knit toe-up socks?

I’ve made 6 pairs of the regular kind, and thought I might try these. Is there anything especially difficult about them? Short rows might be a bit daunting…

I’m a cuff down sock knitter. So I have no practical experience with toe up. I’ve heard the cast on is the most challenging part. Anyway, I came across this article a while back. It has options for different cast ons.

I do all my socks toe-up two at a time. My first ever pair of socks I did DPN’s cuff down, then I did 2 circ cuff down, then the owner of my LYS taught me magic loop toe-up and I’ve never looked back. I don’t find the heel turn any more difficult toe-up than cuff down, either way you do short rows to make the gussett and have to pick up stitches.
I forget the name of the cast-on I do, but it is not the provisional cast-on. It is basically kitchener stitch…
I follow the knit picks directions after the cast on.

I do this methodfor my toe up socks.

That site explains the Japanese short row without pins method.
the site explains the heel and i have made it into my toe as well…(like my toes and heels to match.)

I still do cuff down with gusset…but only for my MIL and husband because they need the support.

I like toe up cuz…
you can split the yarn you have to use into 2 balls and just knit till there aint no more in one ball…
and you can try them on as you go…less chance for sizing errors.
I like the sturdyness of my toes and heels with that method
and they look good.

Good luck with the toe up!!!

I am currently working on my second pair of toe up socks and have done several cuff down. I love working socks either way, but don’t particularly care for the wonky cuff on the toe up. It’s really not too bad… different, but you get used to it. Plus, there are lots of lovely patterns that you can only work in the toe-up mode. Good luck!

P.S. Good thing too, is you don’t run out of yarn.

Come join the Any Sock KAL - I think most of the regulars have experience with both toe up and cuff down.
I actually find toe up easier than cuff down.