Anyone knit the children's hoodie (Knitting Pure and Simple)

Because I was striping the body and sleeves in a different pattern, I adapted this pattern so that the sleeves and body would be knit separately. I don’t know if I made a mistake or if it’s the pattern, but it seems tight at the armholes… I compared it with a boxy polar fleece sweater that my dd wears, and the body is the same length and width, but the armhole is 1.5" higher (i.e. it measures 3" less in circumference). I’m making the 2-4 size if that makes any difference.

I sure hope I won’t have to frog everything… :wall:

Which one are you making? The free one? Why would you want to knit the sleeves separately? :?? The beauty of it is that you don’t have to seam.

No, I’m making #232 The reason I didn’t do it all in the round like it’s supposed to is that I would have had too many balls of yarn on any given row up until the bottom of the placket. I’m doing the placket one color, the body another color, and the sleeves are striped. So that makes

2 balls for the placket
2 balls for the fronts, 1 ball for the back
2 balls for the sleeves

for a total of 7 balls on any given row. Plus, since I don’t know of any neat way to carry up the yarn from stripe to stripe in the round, I would have had a gazillion ends to weave in. So… Even though I love not having seams, in this particular case it would have been more trouble than it was worth.