Anyone knit from Chic Knits for Stylish babies?

I tried one pattern of booties from that book, found a mistake in number of stitches and generally haven’t felt comfortable with the way the pattern was written. I haven’t even completed the last part of the pattern, because i just couldn’t understand what i was supposed to do and i felt the booties were cute as they were. Didn’t feel “user friendly”. It’s a shame, because the outfits in that book are gorgeous. Anyone else had that problem with this particular book or am I just spoiled by Debbie Bliss :teehee: ?

I looked for errata and didn’t find anything. You might see if the author has a blog/website and/or contact the publisher.


I just joined the forum this morning. My reason was to find any help for the book Chic Knits for Stylish Babies. I’m part way through Sugared Almonds Ecru cardigan and can’t make sense of the directions. I see a possible answer is to check for the author’s site or blog. I will do so – has anyone actually tried this pattern and made some clear directions? Thanks.

Update: I haven’t found a blog or website for the author. Using the e-mail address provided by publisher Watson Guptill <<>>, my e-mail inquiry was returned undeliverable.