Anyone knit a rug?

I was just watching knitty gritty on DIY and they had a woman doing reversible knitting and she did a rug. My lovely husband walked in a that moment and said “That’s cool, you should make one”. We do need something for the floor in the baby’s room. It’s not a very high traffic area so it might work ok. Any thought on how hard this is and where to look for ideas?


I made a rug out of cotton (so I could wash it) to cover up the internet cable on the floor. I have thepattern here somewhere…

Here are a few ideas.

Here’s an interesting circular pattern that can be used for a rug.

I’ve been wanting to make a couple. I looked at the links and decided I want to make this one!

I’ve got a couple (or 5 :shifty:) other things going now, but I printed it out. Thanks for the links!

The Mitered Square Rug pattern looks really cool. I would like to make one for my daughter’s new apartment too…but need to get some baby things done for a shower that is coming up this week. That’s my problem…always want to start something new before I finish something else.

I’m not quite sure how to do these ‘mitered’ projects yet. I have seen rugs, scarves, pillows, shams, afghans, and I am not sure what else in these patterns. They really look cool though.

hey, I found the rug pattern I was looking for - thought you guys might want to see it!


This is the one I was thinking of

OOoo pretty colors.

Mitered patterns are soooooo easy. They are my meditation since I don’t have to think much about.

I have seen a pattern on the “Bernat” site. It’s a free one. Take a look there. Good luck!